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Flagship Society


The Flagship Society acknowledges donors whose lifetime contributions have reached $250,000 or more. Consider joining these visionary supporters who provide endowments for scholarships, professorships and innovative programs; support new and renovated facilities; and make other strategic investments that have helped transform Maryland into an institution of global distinction.



All gifts, regardless of fund or program, are counted toward lifetime contribution totals, including matching gifts. (Visit our online matching-gifts database to see if your employer matches giving.) Donors also may be recognized as a couple, with gifts credited jointly, if preferred.



The first in-person Flagship's Finest: An Evening of Gratitude took place on Friday, April 8, 2022, at the Planet Word museum in Washington D.C. We're pleased to share with you the special video that debuted at the event below. It demonstrates the profound impact donors like you have made on our campus.