SAFE Center Gift Fund
The SAFE Center provides social, legal, and economic empowerment services to help human trafficking survivors heal and reclaim their lives. We also engage in research and advocacy to help prevent trafficking and better serve survivors. Your gift today will help us to support human trafficking survivors in various stages of crisis and recovery. Even a small amount goes a long way towards providing trafficking survivors with critical case management, legal services, counseling, economic empowerment, and crisis intervention.  

SAFE CENTER COVID-19 RELIEF SUPPORT: If you would like to designate your gift specifically to emergency resources in response to the significant needs our clients are facing as a result of the current global health crisis, please write “SAFE Center COVID-19 Relief  Support” in the comment section of your donation receipt.

COVID-19 relief funds will go towards items like groceries and toiletries for clients’ households; rent and housing assistance to ensure our clients are sheltering in a safe environment; technology support, such as cell phones and basic computers, so that our clients are able to access services and economic empowerment programs, which must now be conducted remotely and online and due to COVID-19; and immigration application fees to speed access to the immigration relief that is more important now than ever."
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