The Robert H. Smith School of Business
Guddi Foundation Endowed Scholarship

The Guddi Foundation represents the sacrifice, commitment and generosity of the parents of alumni Jitin and Anu Ahuja, namely Kailash (Guddi) & Satya Ahuja, Malar & Nada Sengamalai, and the lineage that brought them to this point. The Guddi Foundation honors their relentless perseverance, tenacity and love throughout their life experiences, challenges, and struggles along with their ultimate triumph of being able to provide their children with better opportunities. More importantly, their exemplary values serve as a constant beacon to their collective 7 kids and 10 grandchildren to stay rooted to humble beginnings, grounded in success and generous in philanthropic efforts.

The Ahuja family is very grateful to the Prince George’s County and University of Maryland communities for their positive experiences, maturation and success. This scholarship is for students with limited access to resources, in Bowie and surrounding areas, providing the opportunity to attend the University of Maryland. Jitin and Anu Ahuja graduated and benefited from the business and engineering schools, respectively, and therefore require recipients to be interested and pursue their education in similar disciplines.

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