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Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity

Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity (CRGE) at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) is an interdisciplinary research center that explores dimensions of inequality as they shape the construction and representation of identities, behavior and complex power relationships.  As a university-wide initiative we promote the development of faculty and graduate students through intersectional research and scholarship.

Your donation will be directly helping the following programs:

  • The Faculty Affiliate Program engages interdisciplinary academics committed to intersectional research in social justice. The program propagates expertise, facilitating scholarly networking relationships throughout multiple departments and centers in the UMD.
  • The Qualitative Research Interest Group (QRIG) is a working group in collaboration with Maryland Population Research Center (MPRC) that promotes awareness through research collaborations and lecture series.
  • The Intersectional Research Database (IRD) provides a rich collection of bibliographical resources on interdisciplinary, intersectional empirical literature. It contains scholarship using a large number of methods that examines the intersections of race, gender, ethnicity, and other dimensions of inequality. IRD is a free, online service to scholars committed to superior quality interdisciplinary work on how intersections of difference construct and shape everyday life. Users can search, narrow entries by topic, or browse all entries. Each entry contains a citation of a book or article and an annotation written by the CRGE research team.
  • Graduate Student Socialization Initiative (GSSI) program helps under-represented minority graduate students matriculate through the doctoral process, provides financial and social support for doctoral students interested in intersectional theory and mixed methodologies, provides professional socialization regarding skill development (tips and tricks), writing, and research feedback, and assists students with obtaining fellowships and grants.

CRGE greatly appreciates your contribution!

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