Crisis Funding

UMD Student Crisis Fund

The UMD Student Crisis Fund provides immediate assistance to any student who faces an unanticipated emergency financial need. With the continued COVID-19 pandemic, Maryland students have been hard hit by the campus disruptions and need help to continue their education. The best option to quickly respond to students in need of financial assistance right now is the UMD Student Crisis Fund.

We typically receive 2-3 requests per week. Since the spread of the virus, these requests have increased to 50 or more per day.

In just 14 days, we have distributed over $370,000 to over 800 students representing every college and school. The fund is now nearly depleted, as the need from our students continues to grow.

A gift to the UMD Student Crisis Fund will help our students meet their basic needs—transportation, food and housing—so that they may continue their education during these challenging times.

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UMD Campus Food Pantry

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced operations on campus, many members of the Maryland community are facing food insecurity. We're all in this together—and together, we can make a difference. A gift to the UMD Campus Food Pantry will help alleviate food insecurity and food hardship among College Park students, faculty and staff during this crisis.

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Keep Me Maryland

Your gift to Keep Me Maryland provides emergency aid to students in circumstances so dire that they're at risk of withdrawing from Maryland. Gifts will help students who are facing a parent's job layoff or illness, or who are simply struggling independently to pay utility bills, and buy books and food.

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