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Alternative Breaks Scholarship

The Alternative Breaks Scholarship Fund provides support for students to participate in Alternative Spring Break, a substance-free, community service-learning program in the Community Service-Learning Office of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union.

The Alternative Breaks (AB) Program integrates leadership and community service opportunities through intensive multi-day national and international service trips over University class breaks. The powerful learning and serving experiences make a difference in the lives of students and in the communities in which they serve. AB sends hundreds of students each year on service-learning trips to address some of the most pressing social, political and environmental issues of our time. AB students make practical applications of what they learn in academic disciplines while developing and participating in the trips, and learning about the root causes of the issues. Many alumni of AB go on to work in nonprofit and/or social sectors, seeking opportunities in which they can engage in meaningful community work. An added benefit of this incredible program is creating more civically engaged students.

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