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Center for Global Migration Studies (CGMS)

Since its founding in 2011, the Center for Global Migration Studies (CGMS) at the University of Maryland has advanced teaching and interdisciplinary research around issues of migration and immigration. Co-founded by the late Professor Ira Berlin and Professor Julie Greene, the Center works in collaboration with numerous academic departments on campus, with community organizations, and with government institutions in Washington, D.C. The Center is committed to learning from and engaging with local immigrant communities and pioneering new ways of producing and sharing knowledge about the processes of migration. The Center’s work concentrates on researching historical and contemporary migrations, training faculty and students, documenting and archiving the stories of local immigrants, empowering immigrant communities by connecting them to UMD and local organizations, and disseminating information about the immigrant experience to a broad public. Providing a model of interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching on the topic of migration and immigration, the Center possesses a particular capacity to bridge the humanities, public policy, and social sciences. It brings together historians, sociologists, anthropologists, lawyers, political scientists, and others to share their diverse approaches to the study of migration.

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