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Department of English Gift Fund

The University of Maryland English department takes heart in our common pursuit of literature and language as vital to crossing the boundaries of difference. The discipline of English is a source of meaning and resilience that are vital during times of misunderstanding and fear. It makes us discerning about language and its effects. It drives us to question ourselves and to empathize with diverse identities. And it helps us compose a better world.

English provides students with training in skill sets with broad application such as reading and critically assessing literary texts to develop analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, all of which are solid preparation for career success. In addition, the study of literature builds a depth of understanding that can help students parse ideas from other cultures and viewpoints. English does not lock students into one career or job, but rather allows them to gain the skills needed for the changing workforce.

Please support the English Department today—your gift will make a difference in the educational experience of our students. Thank you for your generosity.

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