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Dr. Shelley G. Davis Endowment

Dr. Shelley G. Davis (1935 - 2015) joined the musicology faculty at the University of Maryland in 1972, where he was awarded emeritus faculty status upon his retirement in 2011. As a scholar, he was a recognized expert on the concerto of the classic era. His textbook, Music as a Multicultural Experience, was used for many years in the CORE/GenEd music class that he developed and taught. He was a beloved advisor and an exacting editor who trained generations of graduate students at Maryland. An extraordinary pianist, having studied with Isabelle Vengerova and Jacob Lateiner, he was also a painter, who studied with Philip Guston. His service to the University included being elected to the Senate Executive Committee and advising the Science Fiction (Star Trek) Club. Professor Davis had warmth, wit and style, and it must be said that no one has ever worn the bow tie better than he. He was a generous donor to the University, supporting students and projects with a range of gifts over the years. His endowment fund benefits The International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM) in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library.

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