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Frank and Lisa Fruth Maryland Promise Scholarship

Frank and Lisa are proud Terps earning both their Bachelor of Science degrees (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science) and Master degrees (Electrical Engineering, Education) from the University of Maryland, College Park.  They met as undergraduates and got married at the UMD Chapel soon after completing their undergraduate programs.  They treasured their time at College Park and the opportunities provided by the University.  Their two children also carried on the tradition and became Terps as well.

Frank and Lisa appreciate the values and opportunities offered by higher education as well as the associated financial challenges that some students face.  They have established this Maryland Promise Scholarship for students in the James Clark School of Engineering and the College of Education to enable the dreams of students wanting to pursue a college education. Frank and Lisa strongly value investing in the education of our future generations.

They are wishing every happiness and success to the recipients of this scholarship and hoping it inspires them to give back to the community in their own unique ways.  Together, we can create a world which uplifts each person and helps each person to fulfill their highest potential.

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