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GVPT Global Learning Program Fund

The mission of the GVPT Global Learning Programs Fund is to support the GVPT Global Experiential Learning Programs that provide internationally focused education opportunities to our students. While our programs are specifically tailored to GVPT majors, courses are open to all UMD students.

Upon graduation many of our students pursue global leadership positions in government, with inter-governmental or international non-governmental agencies, or go on to pursue graduate degrees in law or the social sciences. All of these paths require in depth understanding of plural societies, inter-cultural competency and context sensitive problem solving skills.

Our Global Learning Programs train our future global leaders’:

  • International cultural competency
  • International problem-solving skills
  • Active engagement for global good

The goals of GVPT Global are to continue to:

  • Offer cutting edge global project based experiential learning opportunities and
  • Make global experiential learning available to all of our students

To implement these goals, we work with the faculty to continually develop and offer new project based experiential courses for our students.  We also endeavor to make Global experiential learning opportunities are available to all our students by curating an extensive menu of options ranging from low-cost hybrid (in US and abroad) classes, interactive virtual class experiences, and by partnering with Universities globally where our students can attend courses for transferable credit.  Many of our students receive scholarships that help defray costs associated with mobility courses and it is our goal is to make international experiential learning available to every one of our future global leaders in training.

To learn more about the GVPT Global Learning Program, click here.

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