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Health Center Victim Assistance Fund

CARE to Stop Violence is the University of Maryland's free and confidential advocacy, counseling, and education resource for people who have been impacted by power-based violence. CARE provides direct assistance to victims and survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and other forms of violence.

The Victim Assistance Fund is used to reduce costs survivors incurred because of the incident(s). Forms of assistance have included;

Medical Care - Assistance paying for unexpected medical costs help survivors address physical and mental health needs

Transportation - A ride to the hospital or courthouse during a crisis can mean the difference between reaching out for help or not

Housing - Emergency housing and connections to longer-term, safe housing can further ensure a survivor's safety

Other Costs - Survivors may need help paying for food, child care, replacement documents, and other critical resources during a crisis

For more information on the CARE to Stop Violence Victim Assistance Fund please visit the University of Maryland Health Center's website.

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