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Hearing and Speech Fund

The goal of the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences is to improve speech, language and hearing through research innovation, clinical services, community outreach, and training the next generation of clinicians and researchers. We are actively working on many new initiatives that support our students and our community, including:
(1) training caregivers on strategies for communicating better with their loved ones with aphasia;
(2) providing resources and rehabilitation training to residents of local senior centers to help them manage their hearing loss;
(3) identifying potential precursors of later language delay in young infants;
(4) addressing educational disparities among children through literacy interventions;
(5) developing collaborations to conduct research, enhance graduate education, and provide clinical services related to cochlear implantation, promoting UMD to be a premier graduate program in CI training and research. Your gift to the Hearing and Speech Fund allows us to further advance these new initiatives.

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