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iGem Genetic Engineering & Biology Gift Fund

iGEM, or International Genetically Engineered Machine, is a student-led synthetic biology competition with more than 280 participating collegiate teams worldwide. Each September, teams from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas gather in Boston to share their research findings. In this way, iGEM fosters a collaborative spirit among scientists and bridges national divides to enhance the scientific community.

The University of Maryland chapter of iGEM, UMaryland iGEM, was founded in 2014. It showed great promise by winning a gold medal at its inaugural international convention, a great feat for a rookie team. Riding on this momentum, UMaryland iGEM has since doubled in membership and has taken on multiple research projects: designing a PCR machine that costs less than $50 to build, making a drug that treats macular degeneration, creating an antibiotic-free alternative to lab work, and educating the community about synthetic biology. More information about our work can be found at

In order to sustain our efforts both inside and outside the lab, we are asking for your help. By donating to UMaryland iGEM, you are not only helping us solve these issues, but also giving the next generation of leaders, scientists, and engineers the opportunity to get hands-on experience with biotechnology, genetic engineering, teamwork and more. Although each day we work with microscopic processes and structures, the potential outcome of our research would make huge advances in the world of medicine and biotechnology. With your support, we will be one step closer to making those advances.

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