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Information Policy and Access Center ( IPAC )

The Information Policy & Access Center (iPAC) aspires to be an innovative research and education facility focusing on policy and technology needs that lead to equitable and inclusive information access, an informed and engaged public and a digitally ready population.

iPAC has been pleased to host the Symposium for Diversity and Library & Information Science Education the last two years, but future symposia will need private support in order to continue.  

Maryland’s iSchool Symposium is the only library and information science (LIS) conference in the country dedicated to diversity issues. In each of its first two years, the symposium has drawn more than 170 attendees from around the nation to discuss matters of diversity, inclusion, and social justice in the contexts of LIS education and the educational roles of information professionals. It brings together library professionals, information educators, researchers, government agencies, and non-profits to collectively consider approaches, foster innovations, and acquire best practices. 

Not only will your gift help secure and grow this important educational event, it will also affirm Maryland’s iSchool's national leadership in education and service development—and demonstrate that advancement in diversity and inclusion is central to the work of libraries. 

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