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Mimie Kwok Maryland Promise Scholarship

Mimie Kwok, (1926-2010) was born in China and moved to Hong Kong with her family when she was 10, due to the Chinese Civil War. She was not able to finish high school due to the Sino-Japanese War. Hardly knowing any English, Mimie Kwok, immigrated to the United States with her two teenage children in 1975, leaving behind her home of 49 years and everything that was familiar to her. She came because she wanted to look for better economic and educational opportunities for her children. Like millions of impoverished immigrants, the whole family started working and learning the day after they arrived in the United States.

Mimie always carried herself with pride and dignity. She took pride in everything she did and she always did the very best she could with what she had. Her family was so proud of what she accomplished in her life despite all the challenges she faced, knowing that while she never had the chance to achieve conventional markers of success in education or a profession, her greatest success was beneath what other people could see.

This scholarship is to honor the life of Mimie Kwok, and her courage, work ethic, and perseverance. We hope this scholarship expands Mimie’s legacy by giving to others something that she did not have: the opportunity to pursue higher education.



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