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Ruth T. Weber Maryland Promise Scholarship

Leigh S. Weber 84’ established the Ruth T. Weber Maryland Promise Scholarship in order to support need-based scholarships for underserved populations in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Ruth Weber was born in 1930 to a loving family, and she loved to read.

However at that time, according to men, a woman did not need a formal education. That bias undermined her confidence, yet she still was determined to volunteer to help elementary school children improve their reading skills. Although Ruth did not earn a college degree, she relentlessly encouraged all of her four children, including two sons and two daughters, to complete a university education. 

Ruth T. Weber lived in Maryland for nearly 20 years and two of her children graduated from the University of Maryland. Her children have no doubt that their mother Ruth wishes every student success and is extremely pleased to encourage them along their journeys. With your support, many more undergraduate students selected for this award can be named Maryland Promise Scholars.


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