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Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Future Directions Forum

At the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (JCCAP), leaders in the field publish articles called Future Directions. These articles describe the “next steps” in innovative areas of children's mental health research. Collectively, these articles touch upon a diverse array of topics in assessment, prevention, epidemiology, treatment, cross-cultural research, and neuroscience. They also inspire early career scientists to dedicate their careers to research in these innovative areas of science. However, our field’s early career scientists need a venue to not only disseminate the findings of their scientific work, but also receive training on how to succeed in academia. To meet the needs of the next generation of our field, the JCCAP Future Directions Forum provides early career scientists with professional development training, and exposure to new, groundbreaking areas of science in children's mental health. In 2017, the JCCAP Future Directions Forum will be held on June 1st-2nd at the University of Maryland at College Park. More details can be found here:

The JCCAP Future Directions Forum achieves its goals in three ways:

(1) Through invited addresses and panel discussions focused on the content of Future Directions articles, showcase emerging areas of interdisciplinary work in children's mental health

(2) Through workshops and online resources, provide professional development training to all early career scientists who attend the forum

(3) Through research presentations, early career awards, and social media outreach, raise international awareness of the most promising early career scientists in children's mental health

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