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Maryland Master Gardener Program

The Maryland Master Gardener Program is a volunteer education program supported by the Home and Garden Information Center. The program is taught and administered by University of Maryland Extension faculty, staff, and volunteers.

Master Gardener volunteers are people who combine their love of plants, people, and the natural world to create a healthier community through environmental stewardship. They share their knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas, positively impacting their communities by

  • Improving human and ecological health through the Grow It Eat It program
  • Increasing biodiversity through native plants and pollinators education.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of slowing down and capturing storm water with rain gardens, rain barrels, and Bay-Wise landscapes.
  • Teaching best practices that reduce unnecessary pesticide and fertilizer use.

By supporting the Maryland Master Gardener Program, you are contributing to a more vibrant and resilient world for generations to come.

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