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Maryland Mock Trial Gift Fund

For more than 30 years, the Maryland Mock Trial program has provided an indelible experience to thousands of UMD students. With your support, we hope to continue Maryland Mock Trial’s tradition of excellence and foster our next generation of Trial Terps. 

It is hard to overstate the benefits of intercollegiate mock trial. Many of our alumni describe Maryland Mock Trial as one of the best and most influential experiences at UMD. Students who join Maryland Mock Trial develop skills that are useful in any profession, not just future legal careers. Their experience in Maryland Mock Trial will help them succeed in interviews, professional presentations, client pitches, and any situation that involves presenting information to an audience. Simply put, mock trial provides an invaluable educational and competitive experience for our students.

What Your Donation Supports

Without the support of donors like you, we would not be able to offer these unique opportunities to our students. With your generous gift today, we will be able to continue to compete at the highest level and eliminate out-of-pocket costs for our students. Your donation directly covers:

Travel & Lodging Expenses - In order to make mock trial accessible to all students, Maryland Mock Trial covers travels costs (airfare, gas, etc.) and provides hotel accommodations.
Tournament Registration Fees - Invitational & AMTA tournaments charge registration fees between $250 and $1000 per team. 
Printing & Tournament Prep Expenses - There are many expenses just preparing for tournaments, including: 

  • Custom printing of demonstratives & enlargements of evidence on posterboard (& easels to display them);
  • Copying of affidavits, reports, exhibits, court orders, case law, & the rules of evidence; and
  • Mobile file boxes, report covers, & file folders for all of our trial documents & evidence.

Working together, we can continue to give Maryland Mock Trial students an unparalleled hands-on legal education experience and help them bring the AMTA national championship trophy back to College Park for the sixth time!

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