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Terps For Recovery

This fund provides support to Terps for Recovery, a student organization currently in development. This organization began forming in 2015, to promote that academic and social well-being of students at the University of Maryland who are in recovery from alcohol and/or drug use.

Terps for Recovery seeks to provide collegial, informal, peer-to-peer support for students in recovery. College campuses can be a difficult environment for students to maintain their sobriety. This is due to many factors, including living away from home, insufficient on-campus support services, and, most notably, the pervasive heavy drinking culture that often dictates the social environment. However, social support has been shown to be a significant protective factor against relapse. Therefore, providing opportunities for students in recovery or considering recovery to connect with others is therefore an important aspect of fostering an environment that promotes success among students in recovery.

Your gift would help fund substance-free events and meetings for students in recovery or considering recovery. These events give students in recovery an opportunity to socialize in a safe space.

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