Friends of Women's Basketball/Rebounders

Your donations help us to maintain an elite level program! Thank you for generous support!

Rebounder members help to create a positive, fan friendly, home court advantage at Maryland Women's Basketball games.  Through their membership dues, Rebounders provide financial support to the Maryland Women's Basketball program.

Rebounders enjoy member’s benefits like post-game socials, members only club and team gear, opportunities to socialize with other members, and many other special events.  Benefits are based on membership levels. 

Receive the following memorabilia and benefits* at each of the following Giving Levels:

Tip in  $85.00-$174.99 Email, T-shirt, Post-game social with team, Team photo (FMV $20.00)
Family $175.00-$349.99 All previous benefits, plus benefits for up to four. (FMV $50.00)
Gold $350.00-$999.99 All previous benefits, plus team gear (FMV* $50.00)
MVP $1000.00-$2,499.99 All previous benefits, plus coach of the game, exclusive team gear, Insight  w strength coach (FMV* $150.00)
Pride $2,500.00-$9,999.99 All previous benefits, plus insight w Assistant coach and invitation to event at Coach Frese’s home.   (FMV* $175.00)
Big Ten $10,000/Annual,
 5 year commitment 
All previous benefits, plus more! please call 301-314-1747 for more information (FMV* $500.00)


*Donation benefits are cumulative with increasing gift levels. Fair market value (FMV) of memorabilia will be subtracted from tax-deductible amount.


Gifts in support of the University of Maryland are accepted and managed by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc., an affiliated 501(c)(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents. Contributions to the University of Maryland are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please see your tax advisor for details.

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