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John Steinbruner Student Support Fund

To say that John Steinbruner always made time for colleagues and students would be an understatement. Dr. Steinbruner rarely passed up an opportunity to engage in a spirited conversation about security policy, listening carefully to questions and different points of view, and challenging others to rethink the assumptions that lay beneath their analysis. Dr. Steinbruner’s commitment to students and colleagues was emblematic of his intellectual curiosity and the generosity of spirit that he displayed throughout his professional and personal life.

The Dr. John Steinbruner Student Support Fund remembers a truly unique member of our community who shared his own depth and breadth of knowledge with School of Public Policy students in many ways including new courses that explored the formative experiences shaping current policy problems and focused on an explicitly international, rather than national, understanding of issues; guiding doctoral students through the completion of their dissertations, and initiating a joint educational program between the School of Public Policy and the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of U.S. and Canada Studies.

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